Bart Holland B.V.

Bart Holland B.V.

Professional Oldtimer restorations

Bart Holland B.V.
Plankier 22
2771 XL Boskoop


Bart Holland B.V.

Professional Oldtimer restorations 

Bart Holland B.V.

Cars -old cars- are my passion. I have an ongoing love affair with these relics of bygone days, these classic cars whose body and shape alone make them masterpieces of automotive creation.

This is why I decided, a number of years ago, to put all my love and skill into the restoration of these automobile masterpieces. Working meticulously, I breathe life into old parts, and then put these parts together to create an artistic whole.

Over the years, I have developed methods of restoring old cars which open up new horizons for connoisseurs of classic cars. I have carried out this pioneering work for all the kindred spirits who share my love of old cars and would go to any lengths to preserve a vintage masterpiece.

De openingstijden zijn bij ons helaas onbekend.

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